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The Laser 3000™ is a portable, powerful, professional handheld laser therapy unit suitable for treating injured greyhounds. 
The Laser 3000™ is available in either visible or infrared wavelengths and is used to treat injured tendons, ligaments and muscles. Attractively packaged, the Laser 3000™ comes with re-chargeable batteries, AC Adaptor, User Manual and safety eyewear. The Laser 3000™ comes with a 2 year warranty. 
The Laser 3000™ can come with either a single or cluster head containing 3 lasers. The Infrared versions of the Laser 3000™ are ideal for treating large muscle groups as found on greyhounds.
Prices start from $2,330 inc GST.  For further details, phone 1800 247 439,,
Contact: Milan Coric (Adelaide) Phone: (08) 8234 3199 Email:
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